Terms and Conditions
        By agreeing to use the services of BOXITEASY you also agree that you understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions

1.   This agreement is made between BOXITEASY
       Storage address 
      Unit 1
      Stambridge Farm Industries
      Little Stambridge Hall Lane
SS 41 EN
      VAT no. 170 7468 94

      Office Address    As Above
      ( us ) ( our/s )

      and yourself ( you ) ( your )

2.   You must be at least 18 years to use this service. 
      You will be required to provide identification 
      You must have a bank account
       Your collection address must be within the SS post code
       You must inform us before hand of any access issues
      You must be the legal owner or representative of the owner of the goods to be stored
      In the case of joint ownership then the Standing Order A/C holder shall retain ownership
      In the account of joint bank A/C then the signee shall retain ownership
3.   In return for charges due BOXITEASY agree to deliver boxes and bubble and tape to your address
      Collect packed boxes from your address
      Transport to our secure warehouse
      Deliver your goods on your instructions to your choice of address
      Delivery to UK only unless by prior arrangement
      Delivery to Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Scotland or any islands ( excluding Canvey Island ) will incur a delivery charge
4.   Times given for all collections and deliveries are approximate only and BOXITEASY will not be held responsible for any costs or losses incurred
       by you as a result of these delays
5.   delivery and collections are to ground and/or first floor only unless a working and suitable lift is available.
      If delivery is to anywhere other than this or to anywhere with accessibility problems then BOXITEASY must be informed of beforehand to decide whether extra charges may apply.
6.   You may pack in your own boxes as long as they conform to the max size 18 inch x 13 inch     Maximum weight 20 kg  
       You must not store any of the following
      1.Food or liquids
      2. Ammunition or explosives
      3. Living creatures
      4. Plants 
      5. Jewellery, coins, currency, precious stones, deeds or bonds, valuable antiques
      6. Petrol, diesel or any other combustible fuel etc
      7. Any drugs or illegal products
      8. Any goods held illegally by yourself
      9. Any goods of a dangerous or hazardous nature
      10. As contents are unknown to us there is no cover in place for vermin or damp issues.
7.    A 20.00 administration fee will be charged for any returned standing order.
       In the case of three consecutive failed payments then BOXITEASY reserve the right to open your boxes and dispose of the goods as they see fit.
      Any monies raised from the sale shall be used to cover storage fees due plus reasonable expenses incurred
      Any monies over this amount will be returned to you
      If after reasonable efforts by BOXITEASY to sell your goods they remain unsold then they will be disposed of and all outstanding charges due plus disposal costs must be borne by you.
8.   BOXITEASY is unaware of the value of any box and limits its liability to 50 per box.
      It is advisable to arrange your own separate insurance if you feel this is not adequate.
9.  In the event of any claim then it is advised that boxes be opened and inspected upon delivery to you.
      Due to the unknown nature of contents of boxes stored any claims made after the delivery driver has left will not be entertained
      In the event of a claim BOXITEASY will require proof of the cost and current value of goods claimed for.
      In no circumstance will a claim be for more than the original cost price   See 7. 5.
10. BOXITEASY will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by events outside its control.
      This includes but not restricted to  Act of God, Flood, Earthquake, Tempest, War, terrorist attack, Fire, Explosion,
      Extreme or adverse weather conditions.
11. For your added security access to any part of storage area is restricted and is not available without prior appointment and in the presence 
       of a member of staff of BOXITEASY.

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